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ENOR6 Functions

ENOR6 Functions
– AutoConfig of media
– Welcome text with max 3 x 16 display characters
– Acepted bills: 5/10/20/50 Euro
– Revalue receipt, statistic- and transcation printing
– Daily -and Backupstatistics with open transactions
– Deposit value for payment media
– Revaluation rewards
– Periodic contribution as value
– Periodic contribution as electronic token
– Time window for electronic token generation
– Max 80 categories / cost centers
– Max 80 departments
– Displaying of status messages
– DDCMP Security Settings (Security Code, Pass Code)
– EVADTS-Statistics
– Statistics read out over IrDA/RS232/RFID/USB/Print
– Protocols of all transcations and events
– Security limits (Revaluation, balance, token, bonus)
– Validity date
– Blacklist over up to 5000 User numbers (blocked, allowed)

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